Black and Yellow Meets Black and Purple

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Most people would tell you they are a fan of a team because their second cousin lives in that city or something bizarre like that.  But Is it possible to be both a Steelers and Ravens fan?  Most people would tell me that it is not possible to like both of them but I am a rare case.   They would tell me I am crazy, because this has been the most heated rivalry throughout sports the last decade.  It is also known to be such a heated rivalry since Pittsburgh and Baltimore are pretty close in distance and they are both in the same division.  With that being said, I will give reasons of why I am a fan of both teams even though it is basically against the law.

Steelers Fan

The reasons why I am a Steelers fan:

1.) The Terrible Towel: one of the most recognizable collectible items in sports.  It honestly is just something cool that I like to wave around.

Image result for steelers super bowl ring2.) Six Super Bowl Rings: Honestly this is just something to brag about, every Steelers fan brings it up in an argument.  Even though I was not alive for four of the six super bowl rings, it is still nice to have the most in the league.  All about PRIDE.

3.) Consistency: Every year you know as a Steelers fan that you will make the playoffs so that is pretty satisfying.  Also, they have the best offense in the league so it makes you confident every year.

4.) The Haters: Being a Steelers comes with a lot of arguments with others.  People just always find a way to diminish their success but it does not really matter because we have been great throughout history.  They always like to talk about the past.  This makes me enjoy being a Steelers fan because it means we are one of the superior teams in the NFL and it is amusing listening to others who always try to talk bad about my team.

5.) Fans: Best fans in the NFL because they live and die by whether their Steelers win or lose.  Seems very drastic but if you have ever been to Pittsburgh on a Monday you would instantly know what the outcome of the game was Sunday.

Ravens Fan

1.) Commitment: the organization has only been around since the 1990’s and started out as a mediocre team.  Since the early 2000’s, the Ravens have been a powerhouse because their organization has been committed to becoming better every year.  They have built their team through the draft and have grown some Hall of Fame players.  By being committed, they are now known for having one of the best defenses throughout the 2000’s.  They have been committed to their players and building through the draft which has made them one of the best young franchises.

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2.) Ray Lewis: one of my favorite players of all time because of his personality and how he played the game of football.  He is such a great guy and gives so much energy.  For instance, whenever I go to a game, he always gets me hyped when he comes out onto the field with his special dance.

3.) Rings: we as a Ravens fan really like to brag about our two championships because it is better than none.

4.)  Grit: fans love the way the Ravens play because it connects to what happens in their everyday lives in the rough city of Baltimore.  Nothing is sexy in life you have to work for everything in order to make it.

5.) Consistent: as a fan, they have been the only team in Baltimore that has been decently good the past decade so it helps take the mind off of the horrible Orioles.



A Win Lose Situation

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So in Week 4, my two favorite teams faced off: The Ravens and The Steelers.  This worked out very good, because now I have something to talk about in my last blog post (I’m only kidding).  The week leading up to the game is one of the most exciting weeks of the football season for me since I get to watch both of my favorite teams play each other.  Also, it makes me very nervous as well because I already know there has to be one team that has to win and one tram that has to take the L.  In the past, I would usually root more for the team with the better record at the time since they have a better chance of making the playoffs but this year they came into the game with identical records.  As a Ravens fan, I was very disappointed that they did not play a good game at all.  On the other hand, as a Steelers fan, I was very satisfied with the way they played throughout the whole game.

The Game

First Quarter

The Ravens did not really do anything on offense and could not score any points resulting in two punts.  They really could not move the ball and looked like the same team from last week who got their ass kicked by the Jaguars.  The Steelers had more success in the first quarter but it only resulted in three points on the scoreboard.  Their running game cut Image result for steelersthrough  the Ravens defense like a Swiss Army knife resulting in 58 yards.  Overall, this first quarter was very boring but really describes the intensity of the rivalry between the teams.  I wanted to see more scoring but the score after the first was 3-0 Steelers.




Second Quarter 

The Ravens started with the ball but of course could not do anything with it just like the first quarter.  It looks like they forgot how to play football again which is starting to become a every week thing.  They had a couple opportunities to capitalize but could not come through.

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One example was a dropped pass by Mike Wallace.  He should not have had that bag of popcorn before the game clearly.

On the other hand, The Steelers picked up right where they left off from the first quarter.  They were clicking on every phase of the game and outplaying the Ravens.  The Steelers started the scoring in the second with a field goal and then caused a fumble and capitalized with a touchdown run by their running back.  Then, right before halftime, Big Ben threw a touchdown pass to make the score 19-0 going into halftime.

The second quarter was more exciting and made my emotions up and down.  At this point, it is close to being a blowout which makes me happy and mad at the same time.  I just wanted to see a well played game that went down to the wired but it is not working out.  I am happy with the Steelers performance but very disappointed in the Ravens.  The struggle of being a fan of both. 😦 😦


Third Quarter

The Ravens seemed like they got ripped a new one during halftime because they came out ready to play footb
all.  The defense started out by intercepting a pass and settled for a field goal after missing a wide open pass for a touchdown.  Joe Flacco is really playing like ass to be completely honest.  Eventually later this quarter, Flacco threw a touchdown pass which made the score 19-9.  Finally!!!!!!

Image result for ravensThe Steelers really did not do anything this quarter.  There is nothing to really to talk about.  It was a horrendous quarter for them just like the Ravens in the first half.


The third quarter started to lighten my mood because I could see a comeback to make the game go down to the wire.


Fourth Quarter

The issue for Baltimore in the fourth quarter was their offense that could score again.  The defense did not play bad holding the Steelers for most of the quarter.  Flacco threw another interception and also turned the ball over on fourth down a couple times.  Throughout the quarter, the game was already pretty much ended.

The Steelers were much in control the whole quarter and never looked back.  They scored another touchdown with 2:26 left in the game to seal the deal against their rival Ravens.

The fourth quarter was still very boring since the game was already decided.  I was satisfied with the win by the Steelers but very upset with the ravens for giving such a poor effort.

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Scars of Defeat


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(The emoji describing my mood)






This has been a rough week for me because both of my favorite teams got killed on Sunday.   I have been very sad and annoyed because of the two losses that were taken by my favorite teams.  I will give a brief summary of each game and my mood through the game.

Ravens Summary (Lost 44-7)

To be completely honest, they played like shit.  They passed midfield three times throughout the whole game meaning flat out they sucked.  They completely were outplayed the whole game and it felt like they were not awake.  The

Image result for jaguars logo eating a ravens logogame was played in London so it was a different time zone, so I will blame this on that as a true fan.  They just did not really seem like themselves and they were missing tackles and assignments on defense.  On offense, they turned the ball over too many times and look like they had no clue what sport they were playing.  In total, the Ravens offense had 52 yards passing.  No that is not a joke, they had a total of 52 yards the whole game.  Good quaterbacks unlike Joe Flacco get that on one drive.  “We came and when we got to the game, we fell flat on our faces Ravens corner back Jimmy Smith said.  In my opinion, it looked like the Ravens had a couple cold ones the night before the game.  It was pretty embarrassing being a fan while watching the game and I really did not know what was happening.  The good thing is I still have another team (the Steelers) who played later so I looked forward for them to maybe not play like a drunk people.  Throughout the whole game I was just stunned because it was just a horrible game that was played by the Ravens.  I did not want to be bothered and I was at a loss for words because I could not believed what I just watched.


Steelers Summary (Lost 23-17 OT)

I do not even know which loss makes me more mad, because going into the week I knew weImage result for calvin peeing decal ravens should easily win since the Bears are a huge joke  (guess not).  Taking a loss is even worse when you are the favorite to win this game against the Bears who are predicted to only win 4 games in the whole season.  The Steelers offense was very stagnant the whole game and could not score much against a very bad defense.  Big Ben had only 212 passing yards which is very unusual for him during a full game and they had 70 rushing yards from one of the best running-backs in the league.  Ben Roethlisberger blamed himself for loss.  He said, ” I think I was off today, for whatever reason I did not make all the normal throws I usually make.”  I think we need him to do a little better than that for the amount of money we had to pay him.  I am still wondering why we gave up 23 points to the Bears because are defense did not even play bad but they still should have been better.  I don’t know maybe the Steelers and Ravens had a couple drinks together before the games I am not quite sure.  This is just a really head scratching loss which happens once a year to the Steelers.  The first part of the game, I was still calm and not worried because I knew they would pull way eventually.  During the third quarter, I started to bite my nails since it was actually still a close game and I was freaking out.  Then in the fourth quarter, I was screaming at the tv because we just lost to one of the worst teams in the league.

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The Clash of Two Powerhouses


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The Ravens vs Steelers just started playing each other the late 1990’s when the Ravens became a team but the real rivalry didn’t start till 2008.  This is one of the most intense rivalries throughout the league played by the two most fierce teams in the league. Usually fans pick one team apart of the rivalry but I had to be a fan of both from the early stages of it all.


The Rivalry

I am a fan of both because it is the most emotional and tense rivalry in all of sports.  Usually during this rivalry, Steelers and Raven fans do not get along.  When these teams play during each other, I just sit back and watch hoping the game will end in a tie which never will happen.

Reasons why I am a fan of both teams/rivalry:

1.)  The rivalry is still very fresh and very relevant because the two teams are always successful during the season.  My favorite players are on both sides of the field so it is very hectic to watch these games for me.

2.) Both fan bases are very into this rivalry.  Usually the two sides go back and forth about each other but with my case most people just question and think there is something wrong with me for being a fan of both.  I always get asked “If there is something wrong with me,” because you have to hate the other side.

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3.) Also, these games are always very close games every time these two teams clash.  They have had 15 games decided by three points or less.  Imagine how this makes me feel being a fan of both!  To be honest you can say I do not win or lose either way.  This really just adds to the emotion of the rivalry which makes me love it even more!


4.) The Steelers have been looked at as more of the superior team to the Ravens because of their history.  The Ravens are more of the inferior but they always put up a good fight and show that these two teams are close to being equal.  It makes it fun for me to watch because they go back and forth and I just get to sit back and watch some good football.

5.) The rivalry is fierce no matter what the circumstances.  If one team has a bad record, the game is still played competitively because of pride.

The moral of the story here is that it is still really weird I am a fan for both teams but the rivalry is the most meaningful in all of sports.


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